Online and Virtual Bible Studies

Online and Virtual Bible Studies



We offer virtual bible studies using Microsoft Teams.  Please contact us if you would like to have a virtual bible study today!


If you want a guided study through important topics within scripture please join us for an online bible study.  Each lesson is filled with scriptures that illustrate important biblical truths followed by questions that challenge you to think through the truths learned in the lesson. We believe that these lessons reflect accurately the teaching of scripture and we hope that you will find the teachings within God’s Word to be one of love, peace and hope.

Lesson One is an Introduction to an Overview of the Bible and addresses the Theme of the Bible and asking the important question “Can I Be Saved?”

Lesson Two addresses The Old and New Testaments, the teaching that All Truth Given, and finally that the Gospel Must Be Obeyed

Lesson Three introduces The Church of the Lord and what is The Safe Course

Lesson Four helps answer the question What must I do to be Saved?, Explains what is Sin, the importance of Jesus Christ and finally The Gospel Plan of Salvation


Bible Study - Lesson One

Bible Study - Lesson Two

Bible Study - Lesson Three

Bible Study - Lesson Four