Bible Classes

Bible Classes

Our regular Bible classes meet every Sunday morning and Wednesday evening.  We are blessed to have enthusiastic and knowledgeable Bible class teachers at all levels!

Please feel free to join our classes.  You are welcome to participate if you but you will not be asked to do so.

We have two adult classes on Sunday and one on Wednesdays. 

Our High School and Middle School classes encourage discussion about a variety of important biblical topics with an emphasis on issues that our teenagers face in todays world.

Grades K-8 follow a curriculum known as "Our Spiritual Heritage".  The material is designed to teach children that:

  • The world around us shows God's wisdom and power.
  • God is great at light and water and life and bread.
  • The Bible demonstrates that God is the Hero of History: God is great and God is good. He wins the battles.
  • God makes families (physical and spiritual) and cares for them. He helps travelers who travel toward Him.
  • God makes eyes. We can see Him in creation and in His Word.
  • God chose to make us great. We can choose to cooperate with Him.
  • All people and nations fall, but I can change because of Jesus Christ.

God loves good and hates evil. I should too.

We also offer a nursery class as well as a preschool class.